Huh, what a comeback!

We are back and ready to crush the blockchain once again.

No doubt Zillas are killas and we will crush the game!
When the LMC team officially took over the project on September 30th we had a massive growth both leading to a massive increase in volume and in terms of community members. Beanie, Shamdoo, Surf and loads of others started stacking Zillas.

Some history Zillas were founded to deliver great art and passion - the OG owner created something truly unique.
Tho, due the lack of technical skills, he could not deliver what the community demanded. Months passed and a new team took over the faith of the project. We are both thrilled and hyped to deliver great utility, art and to build a great community.

First Zilla minted
March 6th 2021
Really OG

So colorful


Swim, swim, swim off OpenSea

Our Zillas currently live on a ERC-1155 shared contract on OpenSea. Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with it, but the limitations are huge!
Thus we migrate the existing Zillas off OpenSea to our own contract, with an ERC-721 standard.

This will give us way more control and customization over the actual collection. Utility, token distribution for Zilla owners etc. can be added pretty easily. Zilla holders will be able to migrate their Zillas on our website - simple and fast forward.

Your old Zillas will be automatically burnt and in exchange you will receive the exact same Zillas on our new contract. Also, to make it beneficial and drive this project to new limits, your Zillas will yield daily ZILLA tokens after migrating.
There is NO monetary value behind these ERC-20 tokens, they will just be used for our Zillaverse to implement cool utility.

Zillas migrated

Our roadmap


It is time for the Zillas to become adults and move from OpenSea to their own ERC-721 smart contract.

After the migration has been realised we will fix the rarity traits on OS and add rarity tools.
We aim to push the images and metadata to IPFS, making the collection as decentralized as possible. If we find further features for the metadata, we will keep it centralized and only pin the images to IPFS.


During our recent expeditions, we found 1,000 radioactive barrels near the blockchain.
The scientists we are working with, have said that they are radiating in a new dimension (Voxel).

But not only that!
Our research has revealed that there are creatures trapped inside the barrels, that are in some way related to the Zillas - that is why we are going to give these barrels to Genesis Zilla holders, because they will most likely be able to deal with these wild creatures.
We will give our best to find a way to open them in the near future and release whatever is trapped inside.

There are more barrels but it will take some time for the team to find and recover them all , making them accessible for newcomers. They will be mintable for a fixed price. We will create a new ERC-721 contract for the creatures once we have found a way to open them.


Since Zillas are currently homeless, we will secure a piece of land on the Sandbox platform - if possible, near our friends CyberKongz.
In the Sandbox, you will be able to zibe with your creatures.


After finding a cozy home, we think it would be time for the Zillas to breed:
It is well known that reptiles can lay eggs, why should it be any different for Zillas?


A lot of projects claim being a DAO even if they are no where near being fully decentralized.
We will be in contact with experts in this field and outsource work to sail in the right direction.


We aim to develop a staking mechanism were you can stake your genesis Zillas to receive certain benefits.
We are in the process of determining the best way to provide you with a great staking mechanism. A different smart contract will be specifically developed for this feature


We have some further ideas in mind, like a game with Zillas or collaborations with other projects (perhaps with Kongz, when they acknowledge the mighty Zillas).

However our plans for the future may change as the crypto world moves very fast, and we do not want to chase something in the future which is already outdated / dead. E.g. tokens were not really relevant months ago, now they are.
Our team is dedicated to this project and will learn to adapt and change in sync with the nft space.

Sick fanart!

Truly amazing art

Painting of one of his Zillas, by the legend SuperZilla. The artist said he would be motivated to create even more paintings for other Zillas.


The zilla devil is evil. I would not mess with this one, you might get caught up in some real trouble. Mr.0x922 killed the game with this astonishing rework.

Baby Zilla

This awesome fan art was done by FourLeafClover, this hit us in the feels when we initially saw it. How is it possible that something is this cute?

The team


Hey! I have already some experience in this space. Back in march I started the Project @RedPandasNFT (Twitter). I am also the founder of the Los Muertos Club. I love NFTs and coffee :D I love surfing, calisthenics and vibing.


Hello there! I am the co-founder of LMC and I am part of the dev team. I love to code and to do different sport activities, especially surfing, which I really, really enjoy. I am hyped to build the Zillaverse together with the team.


Hey guys ! I'm a hobby-artist! ^^ I started drawing in 2016. I think I improved by a lot since then! I'm having a lot of fun with both projects and it really, really motivates me. I also love gaming and hiking, which bring me a lot of joy.


Sub guys! LMC was the first project where I had to use my creative and technical side of my brain at the same time and I had a blast doing so. Now I am ready to give it all once again. Boy, do I love Pizza and my sleep.