Welcome to the world of CryptoZilla!

Welcome to the Zillaverse, home of the CryptoZillas!

CryptoZilla is a collection of 2 and 3D digital collectables. Some relax in the sun while others destroy cities. Nonetheless, having style is what the Zillas are about. Find the Zilla that matches your vibe and come !zibe with us.

First Zilla minted March 6th 2021
Really OG

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Minted on March 6th, 2021, the Genesis collection contains the original 1000 CryptoZillas, of which 10 are legendary.

Not only do these Genesis Zillas serve as 2d digital collectibles, they also yield 5 $Zilla tokens per day with no staking required. Thanks to a successful ERC-721 contract migration completed in early 2022, migrated CryptoZillas enable the purchase of voxel assets and future utility.

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After dominating the second dimension, conquering the third is the next step.

The Zillas mutated to adapt to their new environment and are now entering voxel-based online metaverses like The Sandbox.

VX Zillas are ready for battle and are eager to prove their dominance over each other as well as other voxel entities.

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mini VX

In order to grow our community and allow more members to join the Zillaverse, mini Zillas will emerge to serve as virtual controllable avatars.

If you have buisness in the Zillaverse you need a mini Zilla.

Owners will be able to change the look of mini Zillas to their heart`s desire.

mint with $Zilla.


First Zilla minted
March 6th 2021
Really OG

Original Collection

Zillas were founded to deliver great art and passion - creating something truly unique.

Special Zillas

11 Special Zillas with unique look and strength emerged from the farthest reaches of the Zillaverse and joined the Zillas.

Zilla migration (Zilla Genesis)

Originally Zillas lived on an ERC-1155 shared contract on OpenSea. Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with it, but the limitations were huge.

Thus we migrated the existing Zillas off OpenSea to our own contract, with an ERC-721 standard.

0/1000 Zillas migrated

$Zilla Token

Each genesis Zilla passively yields 5 ERC-20 tokens daily which can be used for utility purposes such as renaming your Zilla/s, exchanging for VX assets etc.

Voxel time

By reaching the third dimension, Zillas mutate into their new voxel form, allowing for special abilities (and atomic strength).


mini VX

Your Zilla avatars for the Zillaverse


Zilla AI

Unleash the potential of your Zillas with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

mini Zilla Style

Now you`re the boss of your wardrobe! Own a mini Zilla and customize its looks to your heart`s content.

VX Zilla fights

Let your VX Zillas compete against each other and demonstrate your strength.

What do you want to wager? Will it be bragging rights or something more valuable?

Zilla Plaza

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Zilla Team


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